January 22, 2019

Builders in Balham, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

HomeBuilders in Balham, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

Builders in Balham


Authentic, sturdy and cheap loft conversions is all the rage these days. People are spending money to get their lofts and attics converted to meet their space and storage expansion requirements. Homes have to look for attic conversions, loft extensions and side return extensions for one of the following reasons – 1. Increase in number of family members. 2. Desire to set up work stations at home. 3. Need for general rooms – emergency rooms or guest bedrooms.

loft conversions, home extensions or house extensions are chosen over buying a new home because conversions and extensions cost less to complete, are less hassle than having to find a new residence and cause minimum disruption to the family which hires builders and building services for the job.

New living space in the attic can be made fully functional and complete in itself with electrical outlets and window frames to make it look like a fully fledged living room. Like every living space, attics can have temperature regulation. Radiators or AC ducts are easy to install and if the area is well insulated, the temperature regulation mechanism will work perfectly. Adding in the good looks with floor overlays and carpets is also rather easy to accomplish. Just as attics, other parts within the house can be converted to hold more people and goods as well. The kitchen is one of those areas that is usually converted as families grow in number.

All this has got a price to it. An average kitchen extensions or very basic house renovations can cost anywhere upwards of a few hundred to a few thousand pounds but that can very well be more or less depending on how your kitchen looks currently. Meet with builders in Balham and chalk out a plan within your budgets. Also, take this moment to ensure that they are well qualified to do the job and know how they will manage fire escapes and smoke alarm systems, both of which are crucial for the safety of your family and belongings.




“Friendly staff and an excellent service,


My first builder walked off the job leaving my house in ruins and my faith in the building trade shattered. Lucas and his team restored both with their friendly competent and reliable work. I was consulted at each stage and included in all the major design decisions. When what I wanted was not possible Lucas would explain why and offer an alternative which was often an improvement on my original idea.


It was great that you regularly asked us whether we were happy with the work and took prompt action if there was anything we were concerned about. We were surprised when the extension was finished within the timescale you originally gave us (three weeks) and this was purely down to your hard work


“From start to finish Lucas was on hand to ensure everything was completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget. All our costs were detailed on a weekly spreadsheet so we could see exactly what we were spending and there were no hidden surprises at the end of the job.”

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