January 22, 2019

Builders in Dulwich, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

HomeBuilders in Dulwich, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

Builders in Dulwich


Have you gone green yet? Going green is caring for the environment and as they say, care begins at home. You might not be aware but you might be inadvertently adding to the troubles to the precious environment around you by consuming energy. Your old home may have developed faults during all these years.

You can make a change by hiring builders and building services in Dulwich and have things checked for insulation and structural factors that add to wastage of energy. While you are at saving the environment, consider saving some money as well. You might like to be reminded that these renovation experts can also help you with kitchen extensions, loft conversions and side return extensions. This might also be the right time to take loft conversions and loft extensions under consideration. This way you can kill two birds with the same shot. These along with attic conversions can add value to the house and since we were on the topic of saving power, we must point out that simple house renovations are not going to solve the problem comprehensively.

Home extensions take proper planning and money. But every penny spent in conversions and extensions is well spent and does the service of augmenting the market value if you ever want to sell your home. Choose an expert only after you have given due consideration to the matter. You might think of it as a simple task, make sure to consult with experts prior to expanding your home. Loft conversions and house renovations take more time if you do not plan it properly. You might be tempted to clean out the attic on your own and place in furniture, but you will miss out on important things like making space for windows. Ideally you should also have provisions for a balcony. Unless you have the right tools and means to accomplish that, you should not attempt at renovating the home on your own. Always consider hiring building services in Dulwich.




“Friendly staff and an excellent service,


My first builder walked off the job leaving my house in ruins and my faith in the building trade shattered. Lucas and his team restored both with their friendly competent and reliable work. I was consulted at each stage and included in all the major design decisions. When what I wanted was not possible Lucas would explain why and offer an alternative which was often an improvement on my original idea.


It was great that you regularly asked us whether we were happy with the work and took prompt action if there was anything we were concerned about. We were surprised when the extension was finished within the timescale you originally gave us (three weeks) and this was purely down to your hard work


“From start to finish Lucas was on hand to ensure everything was completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget. All our costs were detailed on a weekly spreadsheet so we could see exactly what we were spending and there were no hidden surprises at the end of the job.”

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