January 22, 2019

Builders in South London, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

HomeBuilders in South London, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

Builders in South London


Developing old homes and selling them off at a better price is such a lucrative business that many in South London have begun real estate development rather actively. But in order to develop homes profitably, you would have to know the markets well.

The first thing that is of importance in this trade is house renovations. Home extensions and renovations are crucial to knocking up the value of the house. Start with finding reliable builders and building services. The next phase is about finding out what people are looking for in the markets. Given the rather shabby run of global economy, it’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for homes that make the best use of all available space. So, it would be logical to turn your attention to attic conversions, loft conversions and loft extensions. When you have converted enough dead spaces into useful areas, start on with the second phase of house extensions.

Not too long ago, a few real estate developers conducted their own experiment and found that there is a good chunk of people who want to have private offices and even libraries at their home. The attic is a good place that can be converted into anything from a library to a fully fledged living room with doors, windows and even balconies. Home renovations experts in South London have done that in many homes. But what if you have no place left to convert? Well in that case, you can benefit from house extensions. Besides living rooms, you also need functional areas such as kitchens.
Kitchens are very important, so you should bestow the due attention it deserves. Kitchen conversions should be carried out tastefully. A nice and spacious kitchen can positively influence the decision making process and helping in getting the house off the market easily.




“Friendly staff and an excellent service,


My first builder walked off the job leaving my house in ruins and my faith in the building trade shattered. Lucas and his team restored both with their friendly competent and reliable work. I was consulted at each stage and included in all the major design decisions. When what I wanted was not possible Lucas would explain why and offer an alternative which was often an improvement on my original idea.


It was great that you regularly asked us whether we were happy with the work and took prompt action if there was anything we were concerned about. We were surprised when the extension was finished within the timescale you originally gave us (three weeks) and this was purely down to your hard work


“From start to finish Lucas was on hand to ensure everything was completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget. All our costs were detailed on a weekly spreadsheet so we could see exactly what we were spending and there were no hidden surprises at the end of the job.”

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