January 22, 2019

Builders in Wandsworth, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

HomeBuilders in Wandsworth, Loft Conversions, House Extensions

Builders in Wandsworth


Of many reasons for hiring builders and building services for house renovations is to restore novelty in our old homes. Not many of us know that kitchen extension,
loft conversions
and house extensions can change the way our homes look and feel. Making use of redundant areas around the house is a wonderful way to add space and ambience. You local experts in Wandsworth can carve a pretty little place on the side return for an outdoor barbeque oven! Ask for side return conversions and they will know.

You can discuss more creative ideas about extending and converting your outdoors, but there is more that can be done indoors. For instance, you can have your personal office set up in the attic, but first you will need attics conversions. The same is true for loft conversions as well. Unused lofts can be turned around and made into some kind of private studio or gallery.

Restoring the lost glory of your home is very easy. House renovations and loft conversions will cost you a lot of money, but there should be no doubt that every penny you put into the job will give you good returns when somewhere down the line you sell the house. An extended home solves a lot of problems. Besides making the home more saleable, you will find that your home has become more fun to stay in. A recent survey has shown that buyers love home that are properly laid out and have enough space to accommodate all. Libraries and private offices are unique novelties that draw attention and encourage people to buy renovated homes. Of course selling the home may be the last thing on your mind, but nevertheless it is better to know that the home is ready to be sold if you ever think about it. also the other reason why people making home extensions is because they want more space from their homes and what they have currently is not enough for everyone. Extending the home is the wiser than moving into a new home. In terms of money and stability, this is the best thing to do.

Think of home extensions and renovations if you feel your home is past it glory days.




“Friendly staff and an excellent service,


My first builder walked off the job leaving my house in ruins and my faith in the building trade shattered. Lucas and his team restored both with their friendly competent and reliable work. I was consulted at each stage and included in all the major design decisions. When what I wanted was not possible Lucas would explain why and offer an alternative which was often an improvement on my original idea.


It was great that you regularly asked us whether we were happy with the work and took prompt action if there was anything we were concerned about. We were surprised when the extension was finished within the timescale you originally gave us (three weeks) and this was purely down to your hard work


“From start to finish Lucas was on hand to ensure everything was completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget. All our costs were detailed on a weekly spreadsheet so we could see exactly what we were spending and there were no hidden surprises at the end of the job.”

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